Gold Eco-Rated
Completely stopping the use of single use plastics in all areas of our camp has been a gratifying and important aspect to our camps

Kenya has only 39 gold-rated properties & Mara Bush Camp, Private Wing & Luxury Migration Camp are ONE of these!

We are very proud of this achievement as we have gone through a vigorous vetting process which includes our:

  • Community Social Responsibility
  • Single-use plastic policy
  • Employment policy & community work
  • Environmental Policies
  • Green Technologies
  • Waste Management
  • Eco-friendly building style considering local artisans and materials
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Community & Wildlife Conservation

At Mara Bush Camp & in conjunction with Sunworld Safaris, through the Community & Wildlife Conservation, we have since then supported local communities surrounding our parks & reserves in different ways.

Through the use of “green” technologies and methodologies we try to ensure that we are highly sustainable and aware of the impact and carbon footprint we have on our planet. We are always continually improving our efforts, here are some of the processes and technologies we use to achieve our goals

Our camps won the Eco-Warrior Award in 2019 for the elimination of single use plastics at all our locations. We are also very conscious about our footprint, the construction of our camp and the local community and their benefit.