Single Use Plastics

Eco Warriors 2019!

We are the proud winners of the 2019 Eco-Warrior Award for elimination and reduction of Single Use Plastic

Our Single Use Plastic Free Initiatives include:

Eco friendly stainless steel thermos bottles

Double insulated, high quality stainless steel bottles can be purchased from our camp at a small cost for all bookings on full board. Should you book an air package directly with us, we shall extend these on a complimentary basis. These re-usable bottles are great for the environment !

Yoghurts and more - in glass jars

All plastic picnic yoghurt containers have been replaced with freshly prepared fruit yoghurt in glass jars. The same applies to jams, honey, butter ketchup, juice packets etc., which are used for picnics.

Cling film

Beeswax covers are used in place of cling film as well as lovely “net covers” with Maasai beads, supporting a local women’s group who stitches and beads these nets. Also available for sale in our little shop.

No Straw Policy

We also have no “straw policy” at the camp. If guests do wish to use a straw, metallic straws are available. They are cleansed and kept in a hygienic manner.

Drinking water

Sealed water or soda is only available in glass bottles. The mineral water on the dining tables and in the rooms is offered in glass carafes. For drinking water on your bed side tables pls. feel free to use our Maasai beaded Water bottles.

Re-fillable Shampoo / amenities:

We use Cinnabar Green, a local company that offers divine and natural shampoos / conditioner / handwash and body lotion in re-fillable flasks. You can purchase these also in our shop.

Creative Recycling of old CD’S

Eclastic Product by Michela Consiglio: Lovely jewelery made from old Cd’s or plastic bottles by local women – 20% of this revenue goes to support the Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Especially packaging from suppliers is of crucial importance and we try to avoid plastic packaging of goods wherever possible. We have largely managed to communicate our requirements to our suppliers. If the items are still packed in plastic boxes, we will pick them up and return them to Nairobi for reuse.

Lunches / Breakfast:

All our hot lunches can be carried in a “thermal hot pot” or if preferred in our baskets / boxes depending on what was ordered & selected. Breakfast is usually prepared by order and packed in sustainable recycled paper / bags and tiffin boxes.