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How many days should I stay at Mara Bush Camp?

We recommend a 02 to 03 nights as a minimum stay to ensure that you ​enjoy the full experience of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and also get to enjoy the warm hospitality at the Camp.

What is the best time to visit the Maasai Mara?

The Mara ​is excellent to visit throughout the year as ​resident wildlife ​can be seen all year round!  ​The busiest and most popular season is between July and October when the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place. The quieter months are April / May and November with fewer tourists / vehicles to be seen and the park is lush green due to rainfall and prices are more pocket friendly.

How well in advance should I book the camp?

During the busy season ​i.e. Mid July to September we recommend booking ​at​ least 1 year to 6 months in advance. ​Rest of the year at least 02 weeks in advance.

How do I go about booking the camp?

You can book directly via e-mail, ​call us on +254 700141736, or through our website. You can also book through your preferred travel agent ​/ tour operator.

How do I book my transportation to the camp?

You can book ​transport by road or air from Nairobi through us.  If you prefer travel by road, we provide a custom built 4 wheel drive Safari Landcruiser ​exclusively for your safari. Your guide is professional, well trained, an expert game spotter and a member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association.

Wi-Fi at the camp and charging of devices?

The camp offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout, in public areas as well as your Luxury Tent

Is the camp fenced or unfenced?

The camp is completely unfenced and this offers ​a unique “bush experience”. We have Maasai Guards around the camp ​and one assigned to each tent ​to ensure ​safety of all guests.

Are children allowed at the camp?

Children of all ages are ​welcome! We have a ​resident naturalist guide and a range of great Children Activities ​to keep the kids entertained, take them away from their screen and they will leave the camp with great knowledge on wildlife and Maasai Culture!

Do you cater to all dietary requirements?

Yes! ​Let us know your specific dietary requirements in advance and we will cater for it accordingly.

What are the park entrance fees?

The park fee per adult Non Resident is USD 70.00 per day and child ​between 2 - 18 yrs is USD 40.00 per day. ​Children below 02 yrs ​have free entry. The park fees are valid for 24 hours only. Residents pay Kshs. 1,200/- per adult & Kshs. 500/- per child per day.

Do you offer hair-dryers in the tents?

We do not offer hair-dryers in the tents, however you can request for one from the Camp Manager.

What currency is accepted at the camp and mode of payment?

We accept ​Kenya shillings, US Dollar and Euros at the camp. Any extra payments can be made by cash or credit card. ​Pls note all credit card payments ​attract a 5% surcharge.

Recommended packing list?

The Kenyan climate is very pleasant and variations in altitude and terrain can create contrasts. The days in the Mara are usually warm & even slightly hot up to 28 / 30 degrees maximum. Evenings & mornings are cool and you will need a warm jacket / fleece for game drives. The nights are crisp and cool. July and August are the coolest months and are often overcast especially in the morning. December - mid March is the warmest time of the year.

What should I wear?

Light cotton clothing during the day such as T-Shirts & shorts.

Long sleeved shirts and long cotton trousers (or jeans), sweaters for the evening

Windbreaker / rain jacket or Fleece for the early morning and evening game drives

Sun Hat / Cap

Which Toiletries are available?

Shampoo and conditioner, Body wash, Hand wash 


Bathroom slippers

Tooth brush/ tooth paste can be bought from the boutique shop

Mosquito repellent bands can be bought from the boutique shop

Other amenities should I bring?

A good sun tan lotion (SPF 40 or 50+)

Mosquito repellant

What is the best game drive time?

Early mornings (0630 - 0930 Hrs) and late afternoons (1530 - 1830 Hrs) are the best times for game viewing. 

What activities can I do in / around the camp?

Check out our activities here

How much luggage should I carry?

Please ensure that your baggage is packed in soft bags and should weigh no more than 15 kgs per person IF you travel by air. As the aircrafts are small the luggage space is limited. If you travel by road, you can easily carry up to 23 kgs per person.

It’s possible to store luggage during the safari either at your hotel if you are returning thereafter your trip or in our offices.

Are there mosquitoes and what protection do you recommend?

A strong mosquito repellant is the ideal protection. You can purchase some for your skin / clothes from your chemist in your home country. We recommend that you wear light coloured clothing, not black clothes. Malaria prophylaxis can be advised on by your physician in your home country.

How is Mara Bush Camp Different from other camps & why should I choose to stay there?

Mara Bush Camp is GOLD eco-rated and for everyone who is conscious about our planet, it does support the environment and local community in many ways. Click on Sustainability to know more!

What is the recommended tipping guideline?

Although tipping is a safari tradition, it is never compulsory and should only be done if you have received good services. The staff very much appreciates receiving gratuity from you, our guests, because it is one way of assuring them, they are doing a good job. We recommend a $ 3.00 - $5.00 per client per day in our tip box that is with the Manager. 

As for driver/guides: we do recommend approx. USD. 30.00 PER DAY PER VEHICLE as a recommended guideline. 

What is the exact camp location?

Please see our camp location

What souvenirs can I buy?

We have a local community shelf that supports all crafts / souvenirs made by local women groups / street children. But you can also choose from other hand crafted local jewellery / candleholders / clothing / glass ware / leather crafts / beaded items etc. Trinkets are usually reasonable in price considering all is handmade.