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Green Technology

Responsible waste disposal

We have a bio pit for bio waste at the camp. The compost is used for the small vegetable garden. All other waste is transported back to Nairobi and disposed of via Taka Taka Solutions. This is the only company in Nairobi to responsibly sort out 95% of the waste.The creation of 4 wetlands in the camp is a natural "pond-like" feature of gravel / soil / stones / plants that filters all wastewater. This water can be reused for washing cars or washing clothes. 

We have labeled bins in the kitchens that makes segregation of waste manageable.Our wash stations have grease traps that collects the grease which is dried and burned. – This makes sure no grease goes into the ground.

Water Usage

We have our own well and water for showers / kitchen etc comes from our well. Water from our borehole is drawn by solar energy. The rainwater is collected from newly built staff quarters and we use it to irrigate the garden.

All our toilets are water saving.

Hot water circulation system- This ensures that hot water from the showers is almost instant hence reducing water wastage.


We have 5 wetlands in total which filter grey water from kitchen / guest and tour leader tents through a natural system with gravel / stones / soil and we re-use some of this water for our car wash & laundry.

Non-toxic Laundry Detergents:

We use GROUNDED which is a non-toxic detergent made of natural, bio-digradable ingredients.

Organic Vegetable Garden:

We have our own little organic vegetable garden that is watered mainly by “harvested rain water”. Most of our fruit & vegetables come from Mlango Farm in Nairobi.

Solar Energy – Power Supply:

Large Solar Station that powers Mara Bush Camp & Private Wing with majority of electricity – back up generator provided.

Solar batteries do not use acid / distilled water, and they do not degenerate.

Charcoal stores effective to store all fruit and veg instead of powering fridges.

All our bulbs are LED’s – with low wattage thus energy saving.

Water Filtration System

We have a fantastic, state of the Art Water Filtration System from Finland that can filter 100 litres of water per minute!

Although a substantial investment, it is important that our water filtration is state of the Art and offers safe and hygienic drinking water to both our guests and team members.


Fire wood for the fire place is collected from dried trees. We do not cut trees.